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Palo Santo Grand Poobah

From A Recent Profile in The Dallas Observer:

Sarah Henry created Palo Santo in August 2016, knowing full well the difficulties presented by today’s music business climate. “My interest was more, ‘How do I support an artist without just being the bank? What else can I do beyond just giving money to a crowdfunding campaign?'” she says.

Though she says some people think she’s crazy for starting a label, Henry is dedicated to helping artists she believes in. And she knows a few things about how records are made in the studio and physically made on vinyl. “One of the big positives that came out of my marriage was my ex-husband and I are still on excellent terms,” she says. “He’s a lacquer-cutting engineer by trade and he’s the only one I trust sending work to.”

She has the time and drive to run the label herself, without even the help of part-time employees or interns. “It gives me somewhere else to direct my energy,” she says. “Having spent the bulk of 2014 trying to keep a failing marriage from inevitably falling apart, that took a lot of energy. The following year, to start a new project that does genuinely make me happy, I’m thankful for it.”

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