Sammy Strittmatter


Sammy Strittmatter

Sammy Strittmatter was born in Ft. Worth, Texas, on October 22, 1982. On the Zodiac spreadsheet that makes him a Libra. If you look up common Libra characteristics this is what you’ll find: “kind, gentle, lovers of beauty, harmony and peace…” This basically sums up Sammy and his music.

Hearing Phil Collins on the radio in the backseat of his parents’ old Suburban is one of Sammy’s first memories. Sammy was only five but recalls a “knowing feeling” that he had the ability to play music. Sammy took up the drums at age eight.

At the advanced age of ten, Sammy started constructing his own songs on a dilapidated, two-stringed acoustic guitar. He formed his first band at the age twelve, with a few friends from his soccer team. The core group stayed together for twelve years. During this time Sammy also took up piano. He was a freshman year in high school. He started pulling all-nighters while he taught himself to play the instrument properly. In 2006, the call of the beach, the mountains, surfing, and family in Oceanside led Sammy to break up the band and move to California. Sammy’s debut, Last Night in Oceanside, was recorded in garage within walking distance of the beach. The tug of a girl drew him back to Texas though, and in 2008 he returned there.

Sammy spent the next couple of years establishing his home studio in Arlington, Texas. He recorded his second album, Moon Orange Lips, on his own and self-released that in 2010. Producer/musician Salim Nourallah had first seen Sammy Strittmatter perform at Club Dada in Dallas’ legendary Deep Ellum district in 2008. Sammy was doing a one-man show using a looping device and moving from drums to keyboards to guitar. In the summer of 2011, Nourallah got a Dallas indie label, Summer Break Records, to help fund the completion and release of Sammy’s next record. Sammy’s third album, Here but Gone. was a watershed moment. The years of honing his writing, recording and playing skills had all come together in this evocative, cinematic record. Other than a few tracks, which Nourallah played bass on and co-produced, Here But Gone was written, recorded, played and produced from the ground up by Sammy. It was Sammy’s most compelling work to date.

In 2016, Sammy approached Salim Nourallah again with a pile of songs he had been working on over the previous four years. Salim was instantly struck by the continued maturation of Sammy’s sonic vision. The producer now happened to be fronting the A & R department of the freshly christened, Palo Santo Records, and had Sammy signed to the label straight away. Get Out of the City picks up from where the Here But Gone blue print left off. There is a cinematic majesty to Sammy’s thoughtfully constructed soundscapes that never makes the listener feel they are being rushed through a song. They lift, swell and heave like a hazy tide rolling in. And strangely enough, while Get Out of the City was being completed, another opportunity on the West coast presented itself to Sammy and right after the finishing touches were put on the record, he moved to Los Angeles. He currently resides there with his girlfriend, Amaris.