LA-based Broken Baby is an uncompromising rock band with post-punk edges and melodic appetites. “A brand of post-punk,” says Jamie Coughlan of the UK webzine Overblown, “imbued with a confrontational attitude and a driving propulsion.”

Brainchild of wunderkind newcomer Amber Bollinger and rock veteran/producer Alex Dezen (The Damnwells), the duo wrote and recorded all the songs from their 2017 debut EP in the span of 2 weeks, honing their singular DIY sound without pretension or extravagance. “We had no idea what we were doing,” says Dezen. “It was awesome.” Heading back into their studio later that year to begin work on their forthcoming self-titled LP, the 10 tracks that emerged a few months later brought their forthright vision to new, blistering heights.

“I cried a lot,” says Bollinger, laughing. “We just kind of put our heads down and plowed right into it,” says Dezen. “We didn’t worry about what we were supposed to sound like or what we should do.” “We mostly wore pajamas the whole time,” says Bollinger.

Their boomy, low-fi sound soothes and scrapes in equal measure, with Bollinger’s bright, wispy vocals turning into adrenal-fueled rants with little warning. Caught somewhere between The Pretenders, Yeah Yeah Yeahs, The Jesus Lizard, and with melodies reminiscent of Eurythmics,

Broken Baby is a band for punching the air and driving a little too fast. “We want to make music that joyfully exorcises the demons,” says Bollinger, in a rare serious moment before promptly returning to her natural ebullient state. “What’s another word for ‘joyfully’? That word’s dumb.”

The band has been playing shows in and around Los Angeles for the past year, building up a loyal fan base, with plans to tour the rest of the US. “The live show is a huge part of the equation for us,” says Dezen, who played nearly all the instruments on the record, but sticks to guitar and backing vocals for the live show. “I want people to throw their hair around as much as I do,” says Bollinger. “If there’s a rafter, she’s gonna be hanging from it,” says Dezen.

Broken Baby was released September 21, 2018 on Poor Man Records/Palo Santo Records