Like a slow barbiturate drip, L.A. psyche rock duo The Eyyes blend bottom heavy synth drones with haunting vocals into a web of chaotic beauty. Capturing an air of ritualism and mystery, members Magdalene Herring and David Tourtellotte, formerly of L.A. psyche/R&B darlings The Fuzzy Crystals, walk the line of moody psychedelia and shoegazy soundtracks. While often artistically askew, a cinematic feel and ambient maze will have you melting heavily into the smog that surrounds Los Angeles.

The second single from their collection, “Sunshiny Day,” is the first release with eclectic L.A. label Poor Man Records. It is scheduled for release October 23, 2019.

The debut EP, Humpday, will be out later this year on Poor Man Records.