Brainchild of songwriter and multi-instrumentalist Soren Bryce, Tummyache represents a further maturation of an artist deftly maneuvering the dark depths of adulthood. Combining the rich tones of Sharon Van Etten, the vulnerability of Julien Baker and the razor-sharp production stylings of early Smashing Pumpkins or Hole, Bryce sounds rawer than ever. Throwing off the armor of her more folk-indebted past, Bryce surrounds herself with fraught, meditative guitars that bend and break over the emotional richness of her voice. She sounds brooding, pregnant with her own pain, casting it off only when an army of drums transports her above the surface. Once there, a primal desire emerges: “I wanna feel better,” she sings in the refrain of first single “In Between.” Bryce might not be at her happiest but as Tummyache she’s found her true calling.

The debut EP, Humpday, will be out later this year on Poor Man Records.